My Affair with Budapest Turned into an Eternal Love Story

Budapest was always on top of my Europe bucket-list. Planning it out with my best friend in 2014, we had chalked out everything from the flights to the accommodation, what to see, where to eat – everything. It was some rigorous pen-and-paper research (READ THESIS) and we took it very seriously. But then, life doesn’t always go as planned. Work took over, building a career and securing enough funds to travel became more important, and one after the other new priorities went up the list. One thing led to the other, I got married and she recently moved to another country. So the much-anticipated girls trip to Budapest did not happen.

Jumping a few years forward to October 2018; the travel itch returned and we decided to soothe it with an overseas trip that was easy on the budget and big on experiences. Deciding where to go was a major task! It was then that “he” (the man who switches between the roles of being a life partner and travel bud) mentioned Europe and instantly, the memories of Budapest-travel-research project came back rushing. And the rest is history.