Welcome to Who’s That Hippie!

“We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost.” – Ray Bradbury

We all have our reasons to travel. Whether you want to escape life or find it, travel does the trick for you. It did for me!

About Me, Travelling and Writing

My name is Teesha. I’m a part-time traveller, a full-time Content Marketer. Coming from the City Beautiful, Chandigarh, mountains were always a hop away. That’s quite the reason why Himalayas are my first love (I’m going to rub a lot of weekend mountain stories in your face soon).

Mountains, Sunsets and More - Who's that hippie

Academically, I’m an engineer (the one who should have chosen passion over nonsense – that’s another story). Writing happened to me in 2013, both personally and professionally. I did start blogging back then but then you know how difficult it is to juggle work and personal writing. I succumbed to the career race (no regrets – did decently well), which is why blogging took a backseat.

After working for about 3 years in a 9 to 9 set-up, I started a small digital marketing startup with my then-fiancé-now-husband in 2016. The startup life is a roller coaster. You have to jump into the shoes of an HR and that of a mailman, all under 5 seconds, so again blogging dropped from the priority list. Now that this baby (read startup) for ours is steady on its knees, I believe now is the time when I can finally write and make some sense with it.

My affair with travel does not have a lot of history. I first fell in love with the notion of packing my bag and eloping to the mountains at 16. Ever since, the Himalayas have had my heart and I always thought it would just be limited to that. Little did I know, that the wanderlust doesn’t have the suffix for no reason. It makes you want to travel far and wide, and never return. It is an undying urge!

Though most of my adventures so far have been limited to the armchair, the vistas are unveiling slowly (that’s why the blog).

When it comes to travelling, I’m a planner. Before every other vacation, I take an armchair trip to the destination in question, gather all the facts, book things in time and plan ahead of it. I do enjoy the impulsive travelling but planned ones just have a different trance.

Who’s That Hippie has been my Instagram projection for 3 years now. I have been documenting my travels there but it still doesn’t make up for a blog; hence the website.

I’ll try updating the space with my travel stories and everything relevant (and a lot of rants). Sit tight as I request you to join my journey. Your feedback and comments are invited as they will encourage me to improve and move forward.