How Will It End?

Will I go away with the thunder?
Will I just blend in with the breeze?
Will the birds nibble on my carcass?
Or will the wildflowers grow on what’s left?

Will I leave behind good memories?
Will I be remembered dearly?
Will my pictures be burnt with “me”?
Or will my soul still stand beside the pyre?

Will there be another river ahead?
Will there be another road?
Will there be a destination?
Or will there just be a dark limbo?

Will I grow taller than the mountains?
Will I become silent as a night?
Will I shine through the days?
Or will I drown in the floods of my ill-doings?

What will prevail?
What will collapse?
I know not a thing.

And so I question the universe, “How will it end?”

“It Will”

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  1. Great content! Beautifully written ! Keep it up! 🙂

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