Unvisited Horrors of Stress and Anxiety

I’m stressed. So are you and that person who’s sitting at the table across you in McDonald’s. More chronic than cancer, stress and anxiety are eating us up, making our souls hollow and we barely notice the long-term consequences. Or let’s say, we don’t want to. 

Don’t you feel depression is rising at an alarming rate because we don’t have the right education to acknowledge it? Society won’t acknowledge anxiety as a disease. The doctors may sometimes just brush it under the table. And most importantly, the person suffering from depression, anxiety or any mental illness may not accept it.

Now, everyone who’s going through a mental rough patch may not be contemplating suicide. Majority of people who are suffering from a disturbed mental state don’t even know what it is called. And that’s exactly where we are missing the beat about mental health management.

Before anyone else takes notice, you need to look at yourself in the mirror, sit down and say it out loud, “I’m not fine. I need help.” Try doing this every time you feel shattered and you’ll notice a small pebble lift off your chest. It doesn’t help shift gears but it does get you in that place where you are at the least ready to do something.

The scariest unvisited horror of mental illness is not recognizing it at the right time.

Notice it before it is too late. By too late, I don’t mean everyone who’s depressed wants to commit suicide. There are a lot of things that happen in between like a productive burnout, urge to elope, feeling an unending sadness, or considering yourself worthless. There’s really no end to how deeply a person’s mindset can be affected by these mental horrors.

Next, trying to find a specific trigger.

Really, there’s no way you can know what triggers anxiety or what triggers stress. Trying to find one may often take you deeper into the marshes. Sometimes a fall from the bike might seem nothing. On other days, something as trivial as finding a tenner in your purse may seem like your walking on the edge of the cliff. So, please cut yourself some slack and stop stressing about what’s triggering a negative emotion in you.

Using panic to deal with panic attacks is another unvisited horror. 

Have you ever felt a rush of panic for something as little as locking a bag? And to deal with that, have you sent yourself deeper into a panic mode? Does that work, no? Why does it then? As soon as you feel that rush again, sit down, leave everything and everyone aside. Just sit down and breathe it out of your system.

Thinking you deserve this.

No one in this world deserves to think they deserve to go through the suffering that is beyond words can explain. If you were made to feel that way, step back, run away or do whatever it takes to get rid of this feeling. Once it sinks in, it’ll be very difficult for you to shrug it off.

While these are just a fistful of horrors that stress and anxiety come with, there’s so much more that an affected person goes through. It is a mind-numbing state, which cannot be put in words. Like something is causing your heart and mind to go in a limbo that is dark, disturbing, and frightful. A limbo, there’s no return from until you stop yourself at the door itself.

Acknowledging these unvisited horrors is the key to keeping stress and anxiety at bay.


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