Words Have Power, Magic and Much More

Words have power – untamable, wild power.

It is funny how most of us spend our time and money so wisely yet allow words to slip away like water from the grip. We say time and money are the two alphas while the art of words is what we pay the least attention to.

Words have the greatest power; a power not all humans understand or want to understand. Your words when coupled with the right demeanour and pitch can move mountains; quite literally. That’s how wars happen. That’s how you love someone and that’s how you stay at peace.

Words can sometimes have a life-altering impact on those they’re spoken to – that’s how great leaders are made and that is exactly how the nastiest criminals are raised.

Words are also immortal. They leave a mark that never goes and really there is nothing that can be done to make it, the mark, go away. You may or may not be here tomorrow but your words, they stay. Good ones stay as happy memories. Bitter ones just stay longer, like resentment, as your legacy, even when you turn to dust.

When an arrow leaves the bow, the goal is always to hit the right spot. But then depending on who’s aiming and how he’s aiming, some arrows miss, some hit and some go piercing through the target. When at war, you cannot afford to lose your arrows, so why waste your words? Your words should not miss. They should hit the spot and make an impact; mostly you will never get another chance. Also, your words should not pierce through someone’s soul. They say, you can shoot someone and kill them once or you can pierce them with your words and let them repeat those in their head, killing themselves over and over again – Such is the power of words. They can be fatal sometimes.

Words travel. Once they escape your mind through your lips, they have the power to travel as far as the moon. While you send them on a trip, make sure they’re all groomed and fancy.

So, you see, words are powerful. They can be used as weapons, as flowers, and as a balm.

While you are still here, choose to speak wisely. Weigh in your words before they reach the receiving end.



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